This is Sea and Shore



Sea and Shore Safety Services Ltd has provided a first class educational, training and consultancy service to the international shipping, yachting, offshore communities and those ashore who encounter water hazards for over 40 years.

In continuous operations since its founding by Capt. Michael Langran, our corporate goal is to ensure that our team of experienced instructors provide both training and equipment that is professional, compliant with International regulations, at a time and place that best suits our clients.

Our association with Aspli Safety helps us to provide clients with quality products regarding lifejackets sales, service and to the best of other safety equipment that is available to the market.

We are also full members of The International Association for Safety and Survival Training – IASST. The aim of the association is to facilitate the exchange of information in matters relating to safety in the maritime environment and to promote continuous improvement in safety and survival training internationally.