Personal Survival Techniques (PST) Update Training STCW 78 as amended: A-VI/1

Half day training course.

Details: Paragraph 3, Section A-VI/1 of STCW Code, as amended, states that Seafarers qualified in accordance with paragraph 2 (of the Code) in basic training shall be required, every five years, to provide evidence of having maintained the required standard of competence, to undertake the tasks, duties and responsibilities listed in column 1 of table A VI/1-1.

This training course is intended to meet this requirement of the STCW 78, as amended, regulation VI/1, and STCW code section A-VI/I-1 paragraph 2, and in accordance MNTB Survival Course Criteria, June 2013 for Personal Survival Techniques Updating Training and is approved by the Irish Department of Transport, Marine Survey Office.

Precourse requirements:

Copy of full PST certificate, proof of participation in on-board drills and completion of a medical self declaration form prior to participation.

Tags: STCW

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